What's the meaning of truth?

The great American philosopher William James said truth is the agreement with reality, while falsity is its disagreement.  As simple as that sounds, it often seems as if there's no such thing as the truth these days.

For example, if the reality in the immigration mess is that we have a porous border that has allowed millions of illegal aliens to invade and take up occupancy in our country, how can that obvious truth be turned into something false?  The answer is by political obfuscation.  In other words, the fact that we have millions of people living here illegally is not in question.  So if you want to distort that truth, you might attempt to cloud the issue with appeals to compassion and accusations of xenophobia.  When President Trump talks about deporting invaders and building a wall to keep them out, he's stating that we have a serious problem that must be corrected.

Democrats, who refuse to accept that truth, accuse Trump of being racist, while the fact is that he's merely trying to protect the sovereignty of our country.

Another fact is that there is not a scintilla of evidence in Trump's background to suggest racist tendencies.  Yet, like anyone else who ever disagreed with a liberal policy, he's been smeared with one of the "isms" that strike fear in the hearts of even the most decent people.

Even though the truth is on the President's side, his detractors refuse to acknowledge reality because it doesn't serve their purposes.  They're not concerned about the future security of our country; they're concerned about winning Democrat seats in Congress during the 2018 elections.

Even when Trump calls that vicious gang of monsters known as MS-13 "animals," Nancy Pelosi leaves her fortified mansion in her chauffeured limousine and rushes to a microphone to tell the world how awful it is to refer to "people" that way.  After all, just because they cut their victims to pieces, beheading them after they cut out their hearts, that doesn't mean they're animals.  After she makes her appeal to the left-wing America-haters, she jumps back in her limo and returns to her gated fortress.  I might have some respect for her if she offered to invite some of those animals into her elegant Pacific Heights digs in San Francisco.  If she did, and lived through the experience, she'd become a die-hard conservative.

That's always the way it is with these limousine liberals: they're always willing to tell other people how to live, but they'd never deign to take their own advice.  Instead, with their fake news accomplices, they attempt to obstruct everything Trump promised to do when he ran for the office.  All the good news coming out of the White House is ignored by the left-wing media or distorted to make it appear negative.  If Trump found a cure for cancer, they'd say he's putting doctors out of work and forcing hospitals to close...and by the way, he's a racist.  If Trump ended the nuclear arms race and signed peace treaties with every major power in the world, Pelosi, Schumer, and their radical ilk would say he pugnaciously bullied those countries, risking Armageddon because he hates foreigners.  And let's not forget: he's a racist.

What we're facing today is a civil war between the corrupt forces of an entrenched venal establishment and an awakened citizenry who has renewed hope of salvaging the country it hitherto thought was lost forever.  The swamp that surrounds our nation's capital is not used to having its comfortable, powerful lifestyles criticized and threatened with extinction, especially by some upstart who doesn't realize how things work in the pay-to-play quagmire on the Potomac.  As long as the swamp things had people coming up through the political ranks, learning how to use influence to pad their pockets, everyone's secrets were safe.  Their nightmare began when an outsider got in and vowed to disinfect the malodorous corridors of power.

Can you imagine the morbid fear they were suddenly faced with when Hillary Clinton, one of their stable of reliable crooks, who would have never allowed them to be exposed, was soundly defeated by the guy who promised to clean house?  The very idea that they won't let up on him, no matter how he improves our country, is proof positive that every improvement he makes is a threat to the crooks who have been robbing us blind for generations.  We can expect the war to continue as they come up with more false allegations designed to transmogrify reality until it fits their definition of truth.

Did I mention that they'll continue to call Trump a racist?

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