Was Patton right?

This being D-Day, it's inevitable that thoughts turn to WWII.  The slaughter.  The sacrifices.  The magnificent courage of going forward into the teeth of machine gun fire and artillery barrages onto open beaches.  In perhaps its only redeeming virtue, war brings out the heroism inherent in the human breast. You can get into some interesting discussions online, and WWII always comes up.  Specifically, the ending of WWII.  Patton wanted to take out the Russians while we were already there, and today, a lot of people think he was right.  But he wasn't right.  At least, not in the sense he meant. We had the military and economic might to take out Russia but not the political will.  Ike knew it, and so did Roosevelt.  It would have been a hugely costly continuation of WWII, in both lives and treasure, that Americans would not have supported.  The outcome might well...(Read Full Post)