USA Today’s scoop: a rectangular state legalized marijuana

When Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s chief foreign policy propagandist, told the New York Times that today’s reporters “literally know nothing,” he was more correct than he realized. USA Today, in an unintentionally hilarious graphic intended to illustrate how marijuana legalization in Colorado has led to illegal shipments of the weed to other states, confirmed that not merely exotic foreign lands, but our native country as well now is terra incognita to the mainstream media:

Twitchy, as usual, has collected some hilarious tweets in response. One of the first and best came from Neal Boortz:



But the great Iowahawk went on an extended Twitter riff, with many hilarious takes. See Twitchy for a complete look, but here are two of my favorites:





In fairness, those rectangular states in the Western United States do get confusing if your universe mostly consists of Washington, DC and New York City.

One thing is certain: call USA Today “elite media” at your peril. 

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