Unbiased and nonpolitical

I had a conversation online with a guy who thought the New York Times is an honest newspaper, completely unbiased and nonpolitical, especially its front page. Well.  My reply is that the NYT is very much biased and has been since at least 1992, as I know from firsthand experience. I was a Reagan-55 military adviser in El Salvador at the time.  A NYT front-page article came out (above the fold) about a helicopter full of U.S. soldiers being shot down in the jungles of El Salvador.  That locution was in the lede. The helicopter had indeed been shot down and surviving U.S. soldiers then murdered on the ground, but there were no jungles in El Salvador.  Trees, yes.  Limited forests, yes.  Jungles, no.  The author of that article was deliberately trying to make El Salvador sound like heavily jungled Vietnam, at the time only twenty years past and still raw in many reader memories. That wasn't...(Read Full Post)