The PC thug scourge cast upon America

I came of age during a time when political incorrectness was the norm.  Unapologetic white faces such as Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and Tony Soprano dominated the entertainment scene. Each of these characters expressed mild to domineering epithets against people of color and homosexuals, views that steered integral facets of their everyday life.  These opinions generally met a countering "open-minded" rebuke to push a culturally enlightening narrative. That was fine, because the moral interplay was logical and realistic, and it represented various ideologies. Fast-forward to 2018.  Today, the very notion of non-white and homosexual prejudice is tantamount to cross-burning and erstwhile lynchings for many pushing a "social justice" agenda.  Except it isn't.  No hate crime arose from pure prejudice, although racism is a different animal altogether. However, all human beings, even if they fervently deny it,...(Read Full Post)
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