The left's descent into the abyss of odium

Each passing day seems to take the talking heads and camera-hog Democrats deeper into their self-made circles of Hell.  They have lost all semblance of civility, and they all support each other's public, venal, profane, and frenzied attacks on all things Trump.  They defend the most disgusting and thoroughly indefensible media and social media attacks on the president and his family. 

Kathy Griffin, Samantha Bee, Robert De Niro, Peter Fonda, Joy Behar, etc.  It's a long list.  Many of these people, perhaps most, are parents and grandparents.  What on Earth is it about Trump that makes them speak and write like vicious mean girls at a snooty private middle school?  The truth is that they were never as smart, elite, classy as they pretended to be.  They are none of those things.  Instead, as we now know, they are wholly without class or grace or humility.  And they lack an understanding of American history, the Constitution, and its profundity.  They are only about power and contempt for those they deem their inferiors: the rest of us.

Antifa, shock troops of the left (photo credit Flickr).

President Trump's rally in Minnesota on Wednesday evening was instructive.  Three things: Trump loves the American people; the people of the heartland love him; and he is the most plain-speaking, audacious, and comic president we have ever enjoyed.  But the people of the left loathe him as they have never loathed any president before.  The left hated Reagan and the Bushes, but because our popular culture has become so deviant, so obnoxious, leftists feel free to expose their inner demons of malignant animus toward everyone they consider unworthy.  That would be Trump and the rest of us, the deplorables.

The most curious aspect of the left's malice is how incendiary it is among people of a certain age – that would be those of us old enough to know better!  The old meme that we mellow with age does not apply to the likes of Robert De Niro or Peter Fonda.  These men, like so many others of their ilk, have reverted to being the worst of ignorant childhood bullies.  Think Animal Farm.  As for the women like Griffin and Bee?  They are the ultimate examples of the evils that feminism wrought: unrelenting anger at real men.  They loved Obama precisely because he was never a real man, certainly not for those of us of a certain age.  He was and remains the perfect pajama boy of his Obamacare dream, a feminized, immature, 98-pound weakling, in mind, body, and spirit. 

Daughters!  Do not marry one of these fake men.  Ignore everything your feminist professors tell you about the evils of men.  There are good ones out there who have not succumbed to the nonsense taught in every college in the country – men who were raised by real men who will never cave to the nonsense taught on university campuses or by the mainstream media.  Can you think of one real man among our news anchors across the television-radio-cable spectrum?  Limbaugh?  Absolutely.  Mark Levin, yes, indeed.  Bret Baier?  Yes.  Tucker Carlson?  Yes.  Hannity, yes.  Anyone else?  Not one on CNN or NBC, CBS or ABC.  Not one. 

The rage and fury of the left today are astonishing.  Conservatives hated every moment of the Obama presidency and the damage his administration did, but not one of import ever behaved in the manner the leftists do today.  There is something so aberrant about the left now.  Is this who these people always were in ever-repeating generations?  No.  Never before was the left so vitriolic. 

We are in fact a divided nation, the mature and immature, the civil and uncivil, the decent and the indecent.  We are divided between those who love this country and those who hate it.  Our leftists are Marxist globalists who want to see America destroyed or at least transformed from the inside, as Khrushchev predicted fifty years ago that it would be.  The Marxists have won in academe.  They have won over the Democratic Party completely.  Pelosi, Schumer, et al. are on board with flooding the U.S. with illiterate migrants, numbers of them criminals, to satisfy their anti-American ideology.  They and their agenda should be shunned by all Americans with a modicum of common sense. 

The left today is vicious beyond reason and dangerous.  They are purposefully trying to incite violence against the president and his family.  They are appealing to the craziest, most mentally deranged among us.  They are hoping for an assassination.  If it happens, as when Steve Scalise was so injured, they celebrate.  It is who they are.  Odious.  They have descended into the abyss of revulsion from which they are not likely to recover any time soon.  We need to fight back as conservatives have never before fought back.  This left needs to be repudiated.

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