SCOTUS to decide two big cases on partisan gerrymandering

Heading into the final weeks of its term, the Supreme Court is set to decide two cases that may have a huge impact on our elections. At issue is the practice of partisan gerrymandering – drawing congressional district lines that favor one party or the other.  The practice is as old as America itself, but in the last few decades, the ability of the parties to carve out safe seats (seats where an incumbent is virtually guaranteed victory) has never been easier.  Reams of census data combined with voting records allows the parties to draw lines with surgical precision.  The court will try to come to grips with the problem. The Hill: Kennedy signaled at the time that while the court did not have a clear solution then, one could be found eventually.  "That no such standard has emerged in this case should not be taken to prove that none will emerge in the future," he said. But it's anyone's guess whether Kennedy and...(Read Full Post)