Partisan cynics gone wild

We saw this coming, or at least I did.  The anti-Trump brigade went into full cynical mode during the meetings with North Korea, as Michael Goodwin pointed out: This is a glorious day for cynics, especially lazy ones.  It doesn't take much effort to find loopholes, inconsistencies and other deficiencies in the agreement signed by President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Start with the fact that fulfilling the primary promise, denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, would involve such a vast physical, logistical and scientific undertaking that it's easy to bet it will never happen, at least not all of it. I would add that it's a glorious day for partisan cynics.  In other words, the same people who told us Trump was going to start a nuclear war are now saying he won't denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Furthermore, it is a glorious day to go back and compare how Obama's foreign adventures were treated by some in the...(Read Full Post)