Only a second investigation will clear the FBI

The long awaited I.G. report came out Thursday.

The anti-Trump brigade is hiding behind the conclusion that James Comey showed no political bias.  Maybe he didn't, but he still made a huge mess.  And he did it with the direct or indirect consent of the Obama administration.

We learned that FBI agents working on the Clinton e-mail case wanted her to win. Then we found out that Comey was also using a Gmail account to do the FBI's business.  We heard that foreign actors had access to Hillary Clinton's emails.  Last, but not least, even President Obama was contacting Secretary Clinton through the private server.

With all due respect to Michael Horowitz, the fix was in for Clinton, as IBD tells us:

So, while the IG might not have found smoking-gun evidence of political bias in the investigation, the report makes it clear that the entire investigation was biased from the start.

From Obama on down, no one ever wanted or intended to do what should have been done: Prosecute Clinton for gross negligence in her handling of highly classified material.  The entire investigation was just for show.

Yes, the whole thing was pure show.

Memo to Director Wray: There is only one way to clear the FBI.  Start a second investigation of Hillary Clinton, and give us an unbiased conclusion.

Otherwise, Comey's mess will continue to smell.

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