Migrant families should be kept together...in the Virgin Islands

Do you care about migrant families?  And by migrant families, I mean undocumented migrants. And by undocumented migrants, I mean illegal aliens.  I figure that you must care, because for days now, all we have heard from the media, and our elected politicians, is about the plight of illegal aliens whose children are separated from their parents. A photo of a two-year-old girl from Honduras crying as her mother was arrested for committing a crime got a tremendous splash in the media, the kind I never see when Americans kids cry as their parents are arrested for DUIs, theft, and armed robbery.  We didn't see photos of the same child crying as her mother put her two-year-old on a raft on the Rio Grande, or of her crying during their wild and wacky adventures with smuggling rings across Mexico. Regardless, I agree with the liberal media (and Paul Ryan) that these separations should end.  We should go back to the Obama era policy –...(Read Full Post)