Migrant families should be kept together...in the Virgin Islands

Do you care about migrant families?  And by migrant families, I mean undocumented migrants. And by undocumented migrants, I mean illegal aliens.  I figure that you must care, because for days now, all we have heard from the media, and our elected politicians, is about the plight of illegal aliens whose children are separated from their parents.

A photo of a two-year-old girl from Honduras crying as her mother was arrested for committing a crime got a tremendous splash in the media, the kind I never see when Americans kids cry as their parents are arrested for DUIs, theft, and armed robbery.  We didn't see photos of the same child crying as her mother put her two-year-old on a raft on the Rio Grande, or of her crying during their wild and wacky adventures with smuggling rings across Mexico.

Regardless, I agree with the liberal media (and Paul Ryan) that these separations should end.  We should go back to the Obama era policy – catch and release – with a slight twist: catch and release in the US Virgin Islands!

The whole issue of family separation came into being once President Trump started criminally prosecuting illegal aliens.  A liberal judge invented a law stating that children couldn't be held in detention with their illegal alien parents.  So in order to put the parents in detention, Trump had to separate the children.

But if instead of sending the parents to jail (let's face it: they are all virtuous – even the ones who have swallowed packets of drugs; they have no business being in prison), they were sent to open-air facilities in the Virgin Islands, that would not be a form of imprisonment that would require them to be separated from their kids.

Imagine illegals in bright, airy barracks in the Virgin Islands.  They would not be confined at all.  They could  go anywhere.  They could have their kids with them.  There they can await their court date on a gorgeous pacific island.  Just look up some photos of these islands.  If you came from Central America, wouldn't the Virgin Islands be a tremendous improvement?

"Undocumented migrants" could enjoy windsurfing as they awaited the resolution of their cases.  Migrants could jet ski at illegal speeds.  They could enjoy relaxing evenings on the beach, united together with their children, or at least the kids they say are their children.

And it is perfectly legal to put the illegals there while they await the resolution of their cases – after all, the Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory.  Since they are "undocumented," they would not be able to hop on a plane to the continental U.S.  But if they wanted to build a raft and head to Cuba, they would be free to do so!

Actually, I can't really take credit for this great idea – Australia thought of it first.  Australia has a practice of putting illegal aliens on remote islands to keep them from roaming around Australia.  It had a number of illegal alien Muslims on a small Pacific island until President Trump agreed to bring them to America.

What do you think of the idea of sending illegal aliens to the Virgin Islands?  Wouldn't it be great to keep families together in a pacific paradise?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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