Melania looks gracious, and the media look silly

They don't call it Trump Derangement Syndrome for nothing.  Frankly, I didn't think the derangement extended to the first lady.  I wonder when we will see a "breaking story" based on sources close to the family that their young son wants to join the anti-NRA march. Once again, we see how President Trump is lucky to have such enemies.  They hate him so much that they will believe anything that makes President Trump look bad. In the meantime, the anti-Trumpies look silly, and the first lady looks great, as Lauren DeBellis Appell wrote: One has to look no further than a newly released CNN poll – of all places – for confirmation that the understated Melania Trump, who often avoids the spotlight, has connected with the American people in a big way.  According to the poll, Mrs. Trump's favorability numbers have jumped 10 points to 57 percent since January.  This is the highest favorability...(Read Full Post)