Leaked Justice Department memo shows new sensible changes in asylum rules

Some lefty squirreled in the bowels of the Justice Department leaked a memo to Vox that, if true, indicates that the Justice Department is planning to limit asylum claims in three big ways:

1. It would limit asylum claims from those who came across the border illegally.  In other words, if someone came across illegally, then got caught, then claimed asylum, that claim would be disregarded as an attempt to game our system.

2. Illegals would be required to request asylum in Mexico first, if they are from a third-party country and travelled through Mexico to get here.  This makes sense – if a person truly desires asylum, you have to ask why he or she doesn't apply to the first safe country entered.

3. Asylum claims based on fears of crime or abusive husbands would be disallowed.  This completely makes sense, since asylum laws were never put in place to protect women from mean husbands or neighborhoods with bad crime.

Vox makes a lot of phony claims of doom in the works worth answering.  Here are some:

One source familiar with the asylum process but not authorized to speak on the record described the proposed changes as "the most severe restrictions on asylum since at least 1965" – when the law that created the current legal immigration system was passed – and "possibly even further back."

That's a lie.  The 1965 law never envisioned giving people asylum because of abusive husbands or crime-ridden neighborhoods.

In effect, under this new regulation, combined with the zero-tolerance prosecution initiative, no one would be able to come to the U.S. and get asylum unless they [sic] presented themselves [sic] at a port of entry.  Many asylum seekers simply don't have that option.  Smugglers often prevent asylum-seekers from using official ports of entry.

Why do they need smugglers at all if they come across official ports of entry?  The propagandists at Vox don't even make sense.

If adopted, the regulation, combined with the zero tolerance initiative, would allow the administration to set up assembly-line justice for asylum seekers, including families, entering the US.  People who entered between official ports would be held by the Department of Homeland Security, prosecuted for illegal entry, convicted, then have their asylum applications denied and get deported.

Good!  By the way, note that Vox calls such people not "illegal aliens," but simply people who enter the country "between official ports."  Gotta love their duplicitous language!

Many asylum seekers are Central Americans who come through Mexico to seek asylum in the US.  The US is not allowed to simply turn them back and force them to seek asylum in Mexico instead.  But the proposed regulation would make it a lot easier to deny their asylum claims based on not having sought asylum in Mexico first.

... [A]nd blue states can't fix eligibility by expunging immigrants' records.  Some Democratic state officials (most notably Gov. Jerry Brown in California) have started to use the pardon power to clear the criminal records of immigrants facing deportation.  This regulation would do an end-run around that strategy.

Vox characterized the leaked memo as terrible because it would result in fewer people being granted asylum.  Not a single sentence of the article considered the merit of reducing false asylum claims, a subject that Vox does not think worthy of discussion.

Let's hope the leak is real and the plan is enacted.  Thanks for the heads-up from the liberal spy in the Justice Department!  He should be thanked with an FBI probe to discover his identity and fire him promptly, after being prophylactically waterboarded to learn the identity of any other accomplices.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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