Is it really tariffs that are killing newspapers?

Members of Congress and newspapers themselves are complaining that the tariff on paper from Canada is killing the newspaper press.  In this Washington Examiner article, they give an example of a newspaper with 20,000 copies per day having an increased cost of $250,000 per year. I have to wonder why journalists don't tell us what that is per day for the cost of each paper.  Why do they use the gross annual cost instead of the unit cost, which is the relevant number? The answer is 3.4 cents per day.  Most newspapers cost around $2 per day and most are getting smaller in size, and we are supposed to believe that 3.4 cents per day is bankrupting them? These newspapers routinely support tax increases and certainly would not care if a tax increase cost someone 3.4 cents per day.  Yet according to a headline in the Washington Examiner, "Trump's tariff on Canadian newsprint is killing US newspapers, Republicans...(Read Full Post)