Eagles were playing out of their league

The Philadelphia Eagles should stick to the NFL.  Last week, they tried to game an opponent who regularly plays in a really big league and got their showboating butts handed to them, much to the amusement of millions of Americans who are fed up with their sports venues being used to promote social justice claptrap. Following a tradition begun by Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump invited the Super Bowl victors to the White House for a celebratory visit to honor their victory.  Rather than graciously accept and show up at the appointed time, the Eagles' organization tried to play cute by agreeing to the date named by the White House and then canceling at the very last moment, after all the preparations had been made and their own fans had traveled to Washington to view their team being honored.  The Eagles then arrogantly named their own date, which just so happened to be when the president would be in Singapore for his talks with the North...(Read Full Post)