Check out this map of arson fires in Israel

Palestinians are launching "arson kites" to set fires in Israel.  What is less known is the extent of the damage.  It's quite large.

An Israeli has put together what is purported to be a map of the arson fires.

While this map does not come from an official source, it has been reported that over 6,000 acres of land have been burned.

While the United Nations is busy trying to pass resolutions condemning Israel for defending its borders, the U.S. could not get a single other member of the Security Council to vote for a resolution condemning the arsonist attacks from Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Gaza, which gets electricity, natural gas, and shipments of supplies from Israel, continues to attack Israel.

Questions for discussion:

1. What other country in the world would be condemned for defending itself from mass attacks?

2. What other country in the world would supply electricity to the territory attacking it?

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