Bodyguard of anti-gun activist Father Pfleger arrested on gun charges

Call the irony police!  Father Michael Pfleger, the radical left-wing priest, friend of Jeremiah Wright, and mainstay of the hard-left community in Chicago that bequeathed the political rise of Barack Obama to America, has a hypocrisy problem.

Father Pfleger, you see, is a violent anti-gun advocate.  When I use the term "violent," I mean it.  In 2007, he was rebuked by his bishop (who happened to be a cardinal – Cardinal George of the Chicago Archdiocese) for publicly threatening to "snuff out" a gun store-owner.  That's right: bring "peace" by snuffing out opponents.  The peace of the dead, I guess.

Father Pfleger and Louis Farrakhan (via Flickr).

Well, rules are for other people.  W.J. Kennedy of Chicago City Wire reports:

An armed security guard associated with staunch anti-gun and nationally known social activist, Father Michael Pfleger, was arrested on May 27 outside St. Sabina's Roman Catholic Church on the South Side where Pfleger is a senior pastor.

The Chicago Police (CPD) charged Henry Eugene Hale, 35, with possessing a firearm without a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. He was released on $150 bond. ...

Photos posted on Pfleger's personal Facebook page show Hale accompanying him at numerous rallies.


When asked about Hale's relationship with the 68-year-old Pfleger, a church secretary told Chicago City Wire only that Hale was not a bodyguard.  He deferred further questions to Pfleger, who did not return a call to clarify whether he employed Hale as private security and whether he called CPD asking for Hale's release.

Update (6/7/18): Father Pfleger emails:

I have no armed bodyguards and no bodyguards at all.  The only guns that are allowed in our church are those that maybe on armed law enforcement individuals who may be attending services.  If you want my full response go to Home and at the beginning of my sermon last Sunday, June 3, I address the issue.


He [Mr. Hale] Has NOT been at Public functions where I appear…

Another pesky rule intended for other people may be the reason behind the semantic games:

Susan Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago, wrote in an email that "Fr. Pfleger does not have armed security and to our knowledge, neither does any other priest."

Second Amendment-supporters have a trump card that has nothing to do with the current POTUS: a demand that any legislation limiting the gun access of private citizens include a measure removing firearms from the guards and police who protect the politicians voting on the gun control legislation.  Pfleger, of course, occupies no political office, but his unwillingness to live without armed protection while insisting that lesser mortals do without the same access to hardware is pure hypocrisy.

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