Branding meltdown: IHOP is now IHOB

In the beginning, there was the International House of Pancakes. The Earth was young, the continents still forming, but the International House of Pancakes was already there, and it was good, and fruitful, and it multiplied, spreading across the globe. But then, as time went on, something happened.  The management felt it was too limiting to have a restaurant with the word "Pancakes" in the name, so they changed the name to the nonsensical IHOP, to obscure the word "Pancakes," much as Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC to obscure the word "Fried." And now IHOP is changing its name again, to IHOB.  The International House of Burgers. IHOP is well known as a restaurant whose expertise is pancakes but also serves a wide variety of dinner entrées (including hamburgers).  But the branding experts at IHOP decided they wanted to emphasize the burger connection, so they are changing the name to IHOB. Only...(Read Full Post)