Year of the Woman proclamations mostly blather

The hype is getting a little overbearing. Mike Allen, writing in Axios this morning, leads his top-ten news items for the day promoting the forecast that 2018 could be the electoral Year of the Woman.  He bases his argument on the Irish abortion vote; the anti-Trump pink pussy hat women's march; the #MeToo post-Harvey Weinstein movement; and more to the point, the number of women running for Congress. He writes: What's happening: Everywhere you look, women are rising and forcing results. Why it matters: It's sparking debate about whether this is a landmark, '60s-style liberation and empowerment – but on a global stage.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who successfully pushed for legislation mandating sexual harassment training in the Senate, tells me: "[T]here was bound to come a moment when the unfairness of it all bubbled over into electoral success. ... [W]hy does it suddenly feel like a mass movement...(Read Full Post)