World Trade Organization rules against Europe's Airbus

If Europeans have been feeling blue over the way President Trump has been ruffling their sensitivities, things got measurably worse the other day.  This past Tuesday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) gave the U.S. the green light to impose billions of dollars in retaliatory sanctions on European imports.  The reason is that the WTO determined that Europe had been illegally subsidizing its flagship aircraft company, Airbus, to the detriment of its American competitor, Boeing.  You have to marvel at the extent the Europeans will go to turn a buck...or a euro, in their case.  Volkswagen was found to have monkeyed around with the software on their diesel vehicles to cheat on the emission standards.  This resulted in multi-billion-dollar fines and a federal indictment for criminal conspiracy and wire fraud against the company's former CEO. Then...(Read Full Post)