Willie, Jimmy, and Trump

Politics is like weather reports.  Over the weekend, it was sunny and hot in North Texas.  Today, I felt some raindrops when I went out for my morning walk. A few months ago, the consensus was of a blue wave, a big day for the Democrats in November.  They cited history, the one about how presidents always lose seats in their first midterm. Then Willie and Jimmy added their thoughts. First, Willie Brown, the veteran California Democrat, warned his party about the perils of wish fulfillment.  This is what he said: Like it or not, a significant number of Americans are actually happy these days.  They are making money.  They feel safe, and they agree with with [sic] the president’s protectionist trade policies, his call for more American jobs, even his immigration stance. The jobs growth reports, the North Korea summit and the steady economy are beating out the Stormy Daniels scandal and the...(Read Full Post)