Why Obama's Iran deal got Trumped

President Donald Trump's decision to terminate President Barack Obama's Iran deal, said Mr. Obama – a self-described globalist "citizen of the world" – "is a serious mistake." Two former directors of Obama's National Security Council committed an even larger ethical breach.  Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson in a New York Times op-ed called on European nations to withdraw their diplomats from Washington, expel U.S. diplomats from their capitals, and respond to any U.S. sanctions for continuing to trade with Iran by imposing sanctions of their own against the United States. The German weekly Der Spiegel – whose politics echo the Social (i.e., Socialist) Democratic Party (SPD), much as Britain's Guardian and our New York Times act as propaganda auxiliaries of their nation's main leftist parties – declared a day later in an editorial that it is "time...(Read Full Post)