Where are 'los Americanos' and their 'dinero'?

Back in 2015, many people were eager to see Cuba.  The Castro regime played on that curiosity and ran all types of advertisements calling on people to see it for themselves.  It was the ultimate curiosity adventure.  Come down and see Havana, all the 1950s Cadillacs, and tell your friends in the leftist college paradise that you saw the future and everyone has health care. Well, it looks as though U.S. tourists did not like what they saw.  They don't want to see it again.  They probably figured out quickly that Cubans want to leave the socialist paradise. This is the latest from U.S. tourism in Cuba, according to a story that I saw: During the first three months of this year, 95,520 Americans came to Cuba – a 40 percent drop from the same period last year, according to Cuban government statistics.  The decrease in Americans seeking to discover one of tourism's last forbidden fruits is hurting this...(Read Full Post)