WaPo attempts to explain why Israel shoots

If anti-Semitism isn't already a growing problem, The Washington Post gave it a shot in the arm.  Israel is not "Shooting to maim" (4/29/18), as the front-page-center Post article suggests, with color photo to boot.  It shoots to defend, as any country would do when rioters violently breach its borders.  Suggesting that Israel would do otherwise, that its purpose is to maim, is fodder for the Jew-haters of the world and a blatant fabrication to propel a pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli agenda.

Hamas spent $260 million last year on rockets and tunnels, according to Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman this past weekend at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York City.  All that is spoken about poverty as the reason for the Palestinian unrest is pseudo-sympathetic drivel and misdirected.  Why doesn't The Washington Post identify that the money that Hamas spends on tunnels and rockets could easily be redirected to infrastructure and jobs?  Why omit this critical fact?

Further, how come what the Washington Post calls demonstrators (do demonstrators really carry guns and hurl firebombs?) hold up banners only about destroying Israel and returning refugees and their descendants (which would also effectively destroy Israel) instead of banners desiring a state?  It blows a hole into the theory that the Palestinians want a state of their own aside a Jewish one.  Their motivation, first and foremost, is to destroy Israel – the one Jewish state.  This type of Post reporting supports their effort.

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