The Starbucks race relations revival show

People do change, but the corrective rate is uncommonly slow and subject to regression.  Starbucks's presentation of a national anti-racial bias training webinar did not see any river washings followed by congregants professing their newfound faith, but then we are way too sophisticated for that sort of thing. Still, there remains more than a clammy whiff of that Old Time Religion wafting through the tent as liberalism immodestly codifies its sacred precepts.  First on the hymn board is "Hey, Morgan Freeman, Come to God." Then Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, who ordered the anti-racial bias training session after a painstakingly distilled drop of implicit bias was found in one of the millions of gallons of coffee his thousands of employees serve daily, will probably kick off the day's training activities.  These activities are mostly online, so everybody can be certain that this is all way more modern than it might look. Starbucks...(Read Full Post)