The madness of 'cultural appropriation' exposed

Keziah Daum is an 18-year-old high school girl who set off a worldwide debate on the idea of "cultural appropriation."  Daum wore a dress to prom loosely based on a Chinese design and committed the mortal sin of not being Chinese.  She was called out for her sin by another teen, Jeremy Lam: My culture is NOT your [g------] prom dress. — Jeremy Lam (@jere_bare) April 27, 2018     The rest of the story is still being written.  But it's safe to say there has never been as much pushback against the towering idiocy of left-wing political correctness than there has been on this one issue. Miss Daum is one of the reasons the resistance is so effective.  She is every high school boy's dream prom date.  She's pretty, intelligent, vivacious – and quietly courageous.  She has endured tens of thousands of mean, nasty, personally insulting entries on...(Read Full Post)