The left's overt descent into hypocrisy

Most conservatives may have heard of Roseanne Barr but have never seen her original show.  Because of the hype, they may have watched the reboot, but it is doubtful they watched the second episode.  Anyone paying attention knew she was no conservative.  She has been all over the map politically, so no one cares where or when she comes down to make a silly statement, one way or the other.  She is a political riddle, a joke.  Her short-lived support of Trump was probably just a P.R. ploy.  Now she has sabotaged herself, sadly, along with all the hardworking people who briefly had jobs on the new show, with a few stupid tweets. 

What she had to say was no worse than, or even as bad as, what people like Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Wolf, Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Joe Scarborough, and others say every day, every night.  The left is never offended by the vicious slander of conservatives.  But slime a leftist and you're done, gone, erased.

Barr said nothing worse than what Rosie O'Donnell has said for years.  Keith Olbermann just got a new show, most likely for his willingness to trash President Trump and his supporters in the most vile ways expressible.  Such is the way of the world in 2018.

The majority of the country is conservative, but the sliver of the population that is the media is radically leftist.  They assume that their presumed prestige as members of the journalist class gives them the right to shape the views of the rest of us.  When we do not comply and submit, they double down.  They go on the attack.  How dare we not cave to the dictates of their progressivism?  They are smart!  We are dumb as deplorable rocks.  They cannot abide the fact that we are sentient, that we read and think for ourselves.  They hate that we remember and loved Reagan.  They hate the fact that Reagan was a great president.  They really hate the fact that Trump may well be an even better president.

Had Roseanne Barr said what she did at a White House Correspondents' Dinner about anyone on the right, she would have been lionized as Michelle Wolf was after her disgusting display of cruel intolerance last month.  Leftist celebrities have gotten away with their particular brand of vitriol for decades.  Conservatives have long accepted the fact of media and celebrity bias.  Conservatives have also always realized that these are the least informed people on the planet.  These leftists long ago came to believe that their perceived power, their money, status, Ivy League degrees, and self-importance actually made them believable and important.  Only commonsense conservatives dismissed their nonsense long ago.  These self-appointed betters eschew the Constitution and discount the values of conservatives as deplorable.  And they wonder why they lost!

The loathsome, indefensible words of Barr are no worse than what has been directed at Sarah Palin, Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, among others.  The verbal and social media attacks on persons of the right have been daily events since Facebook and Twitter were invented, not to mention CNN and MSNBC.  It is their thing.  The left never opined against such anti-conservative vitriol, but they regularly publish vicious tirades against them as if they were news, fact-based.  They were neither.

Our mainstream media are today all propaganda, little or no news.  Their biggest crime is not reporting what they do not want Americans to know.  They are very good at publishing what they want us to believe and culpable for not publishing what they know but do not want us to learn.  Fortunately, Americans are not nearly as stupid as this bunch of pretentious snobs think they are.  They are damn smart.  One has only to hear to boos for traitor Bob Corker at Trump's rally in Tennessee two days ago to know how on top of things Trump-supporters are.  Corker facilitated the Iran deal!  He made sure we capitulated to a terrorist nation and that we paid for the privilege.  Those five thousand people in that arena knew that. 

It is comical that ABC-Disney was so quick to rid itself of Roseanne; these people were dying for an excuse, no matter the cost to its shareholders.

Clearly, the rules of civility apply only to conservatives.  The anti-free speech rules that prevail on nearly every college campus now apply to all of us.  But they cannot tell us how to vote.  Vote with your conscience, citizens.  The conscience has no allure for or respect from the left.  They are all about power, winning, maligning, and destroying those of us who know and remember how and why this nation was founded.  We must fight these creatures who seek to destroy it.

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