The deafening silence of feminism

Last year, my daughter discovered that her male counterpart who was employed in the same position was earning a considerable amount more, even though their job descriptions were the same.  When she complained to management, they promised to look at the situation in the future.  Fast-forward, and because of my daughter's strong work ethic and conscientiousness, she was rewarded with a small promotion.  She is now earning the same as the male employee but with a greater workload.  The irony is not lost on her.

There are genuine discrepancies in the workplace between men and women, and the gender pay gap should be addressed, as the feminists are quick to declare on every possible occasion.  However, these paragons of women's rights are not so swift to inform us of the many atrocities being carried out across the world against females and young girls.

What about you, Michelle Obama?  In 2016, you praised Nourhan Ashraf Fouda, an Egyptian student for her technological achievements.  Good for you, Michelle.  Now, how about addressing an ongoing problem in Egypt, where Christian girls are being kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam?  Most have never been reunited with their families.

In Yemen, child brides are commonplace and can suffer death when they become pregnant and give birth.  Guess we won't be hearing from you, Germaine Greer, the great Boadicea of feminism in Britain, who defended marrying off child brides last year.  Have you got a cold, Boadicea?  I can't quite hear you.

Boko Haram kidnaps young girls in Nigeria and forces many of them to be sex slaves and trains them to fight.  Can't hear you Naomi Wolf giving voice to this abomination?  Are you whispering?  You need to speak louder and justify your credentials as a fighter for women's rights.

Female genital mutilation is a crime in the U.K. and the USA, yet it is rarely prosecuted.  Hey Linda Sarsour and Hillary Clinton, where are your feminist voices now?  And the rest of you Hollywood sorts – why aren't you speaking out?  Cat got your tongue?  I think what you call feminism it's actually called posturing, or – let's just cut to the chase – hypocrisy.  Although I guess the next march you have would not trend well online if your banners read, "A bunch of do-nothings with big mouths, so please ignore us."

Meanwhile, the abused women and girls of the world will just have to go on suffering while you receive the adulation of a grateful world, unaware that you are probably making their problems worse and not better.  Never mind.  As long as you sleep well at night, that is all that matters.

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