Swamp gives Devin Nunes a new reason to snicker

Uh-oh.  Wasn't it just weeks ago that the Washington swamp declared House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, a California Republican, a goner in his re-election effort?

Here's what the headline on The Hill looked like less than a month ago last April: "Election forecaster: Nunes seat no longer 'safe' Republican."

The article gushes about how Nunes had a Democratic challenger for his House seat and the challenger had raised more than a million dollars. His seat was no longer...safe!  Oooh, scary, scary.

Turns out it was all baloney.

Here's the new headline, from the Washington Examiner: "Devin Nunes' fundraising explodes amid aggressive defense of Trump from Russia probe."

The fact that the fundraising "exploded" suggests that such a new development quite possibly was a reaction to the earlier headline calling Nunes a goner.  If it was, it's a classic case of backfire, and it's pretty snicker-worthy, given that Democrats' attempts to alter perceptions of Devin Nunes came right back to bite them in the butt.

Now Nunes is rolling in the dough.  Thanks, Dems.

I'm not a bit surprised it's turned out this way, either.  I already knew that Nunes was outraising his opponent by 2.5 to 1.

To crow a little about it, last month, I checked the facts and found that Nunes was safely ahead on fundraising against his opponent and then dismissed the report as "psychological warfare to boost Nunes's opponent," concluding:

What I suspect with all this hype about Nunes losing his "safe" seat is a concentrated effort by radical leftists to target Nunes by building a narrative that he's a goner and hoping the momentum will build.

Don't expect the press stories to stop on this.  There are leftists out there who want to take down Nunes, and they will stop at nothing to claim they already have it in the bag.

Now Nunes's campaign war chest has literally doubled to $5 million, as Republicans sent money to Nunes to help defend his seat.  His opponent, meanwhile, seems to have shot his wad.  Unless a new wave of donations have come through since March, he has about a tenth of what Nunes has to spend on his mushy left-wing message.  Nice going, Democrats.

This is what we mean by having a "safe" seat.

Not only does this tell us Democrats' efforts to stop Nunes are backfiring (and rather comically for them), but it's now clear that Nunes is a strong candidate, someone voters want in office working on their behalf.  This doesn't happen when a candidate is weak.

More critically still, it shows everyone in the GOP that defending Trump is good for voter support.  Nunes has never hidden his support for the elected president, and by taking that supposedly risky position, he also demonstrates that he owes no loyalty to the Washington swamp.  Points to Nunes.

Lastly, Nunes has stuck to his guns and maintained his integrity in finding the truth about the Russia collusion matter, even in the face of the most hideous campaigns to discredit him from the left.  Nobody has exposed more about official and press misconduct through his investigations of the Russia collusion claim than he has, and in doing so, he's put the canards out of their misery and left the Democrats without a cause célèbre.  The left doesn't like this one bit, and it all shows in its concentrated efforts to unseat him.

Sweetly enough for him, that's now backfiring badly.  Snicker away, Devin – the latest news shows that the more the left targets you, the more it shoots itself in the foot.

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