Race and the royals

The left media are totally overwhelmed with the royal wedding in Great Britain, and with the "astounding" fact that Meghan Markle is half-black.  Here are some of the "breathtaking" quotes:

"Ms. Markle will be known as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex."  "She's American, divorced, three years older than Harry, had a high-profile career and is biracial."

Is it really such a big deal?  As in countless times in the past, leftists are contradicting themselves, this time by disproportionately hailing this "meaningful" issue like an awe-inspiring triumph.

Their usual rhetoric claims nonstop discrimination of blacks at any level of society.  Unfortunately, racial, religious, and ethnic prejudices do exist.  These biases have greatly diminished during the last decades, especially the racial ones, but they're not eradicated completely from the society and seem to stay put in the foreseeable future.  Narrow-minded people in each racial group dislike other human beings who look or speak differently.  But in most cases, these bigoted people are in the minority.  Neither in America nor in Great Britain does there exist any form of racial or ethnic discrimination at the workplace, either private or governmental.  When a rare occurrence of this bias is uncovered – which is easy and swift in our age of social media – the most severe punishment is inevitable.

Whatever the reality, the left constantly needs to keep blacks agitated about something.  It could be slavery, which was abolished six generations back.  Or it could be police brutality directed exclusively against "minorities," regardless of the fact that quite a significant percentage of police officers come from minorities themselves.  Or about not enough blacks at the top management tier of major S&P 500 corporations.  That's how the left tries to keep up its electorate.  And that's how leftists work up lucrative benefits for themselves – by making money in liberal media and in numerous "human rights" organizations.  The left needs some groups to stay "underprivileged" so the liberal "talking heads" and quasi-scientific "diversity experts" can justify their own existence.

In this day and age, interracial and especially inter-ethnic couples should not surprise anyone in his right mind.  In fact, one in six Americans intermarries across racial and ethnic "borders."  Additionally, America had two terms of a biracial president, the one many called the "first black president."  The positions of secretary of state, U.S. attorney general, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the ambassador to U.N., and many others have been occupied by blacks.  It's not only good; it's normal.  That's how it's supposed to be.

Taking his turn, Al Sharpton has stated that because of this wedding, "white parents are losing control over own their children [sic!]" and that Meghan Markle "will give young girls a role model to look up to," the same as Michelle Obama.

Meghan Markle, as beautiful and charming a lady as she is, could hardly serve as a good role model for black youth, because what are her real achievements (besides the fact that she excelled in attracting the attention of Prince Harry)?  What did Michelle Obama really achieve besides being a first lady?  Does it mean that maritally, or sexually, is the only way the left wants blacks to succeed?

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