President Trump insults animals

Whoops!  There he goes again!  During a ceremony honoring police officers killed in the line of duty, President Donald J. Trump (R) labeled the mostly illegal aliens, or children of illegal aliens (no, they are not undocumented immigrants – why don't they have documents?) who are part of the brutal MS-13 gang "animals." 

Defenseless animals can't speak up to defend themselves, so I will have to do it for them.  Operating in Spanish-speaking illegal alien enclaves (again, not undocumented immigrants) around the country, tattoo-infested young male MS-13 gang members brutally rape and kill anyone who interferes with their evil plans and desires.  At other times, it's just if they feel insulted.

Animals don't do that.  Some kill other animals for food; others are forced into it for self-defense.  But very few animals kill for the fun of it, or to prove their manliness or to degrade females, or to merely terrorize.

So no, the MS-13 gang is not a pack of animals – they're too evil for that.

And no, fake news media, Trump didn't refer to all immigrants as animals – just the terrorist ones.  But expecting you to overcome your hatred of a duly and democratically elected president, in spite of your contempt for him – and the people who voted for him – is expecting too much.  Even animals do better.

So although Trump insulted animals, his mistake is trumped by his totally accurate description of most of the media.  And of his reasonable sentiment about MS-13.

Therefore, the animals will forgive Trump. 

Image Credit:, Creative Commons SA 0.0.