Pitting American against American

Leonard Pitts, Jr. has an article in the May 4, 2018 Miami Herald titled "I'm done trying to understand Trump supporters.  Why don't they try to understand me?"

Pitts doesn't realize that we do understand him.  Over 60 million people decided in 2016 that they'd had a bellyful of understanding and going along with the left.

In 1965, the left began its permanent takeover of our country.  The Great Society took effect, and soon rates of illegitimacy skyrocketed.  Americans were told we had to stop being "puritans" about sex, that college students needed co-ed dormitories.  This was not an idea of the right.

In the next decade, the left won Roe v. Wade, a judicial decision granting the "right" to kill babies at mere whim.  This was not an idea of the right, and from this moment, the left stopped trying to persuade people though well conceived argument and turned instead to legislating from a compliant courtroom bench.

The '80s belonged to Reagan.  The left initially hated Rawhide; they called him stupid and dangerous, but of course he was neither of those things, and history falls with Reagan.  Pitts claims that these times are "abnormal" and "fraught with danger."  And the '80s weren't?  By '84, it was so patently obvious that the left was wrong about Reagan that the leftists just let it go as he stormed to a second term.  Don't expect the same decency from those who today think "fraught with danger" is a nifty or persuasive phrase.

Then came Bill Clinton.  When first in office, Bubba liked, in a somewhat fluid order, Big Macs, girls, and politics.  He lost some of his charm when he lied about having sex with that woman, Monica.  Immediately, the left assured us that character did not matter.  There was even a movie made to justify Clinton's antics, but they had to water down the story and make the screen president a widower so the mean and ugly Republicans could look meaner and uglier than they were in real life.  But the theme was quite clear: the left says the president is allowed to have girlfriends.  

Because the mean and ugly portrayal of Republicans worked so well in this particular movie, the left chose to jump on the "Republicans are mean and ugly" bandwagon.  Leftists have been relentless ever since.  Halfway through Obama's term, half of Americans were suddenly portrayed as racist. 

Gays soon took possession of marriage by judicial ruling.  The president bathed the White House, the People's House, in rainbow colors to mock those who did not support gay "marriage" as public policy. 

The left immediately began speaking of transgender rights and even risked mentioning a long-range goal that, in the afterglow of success, just popped out of its mouth: pedophilia.  Remember that saintly potential child-abuser named Todd Nickerson, who was as pure as the Virgin Mary when it came to the actual deed?  An opening act just as surely as that old chant from the seventies: "We're here, we're queer, and we want your kids!"  Today, elementary schools are trying to convince young children that it's okay to be uncomfortable with their natural sex.  This new curriculum echoes, "...and we want your kids."

Communism, socialism, whatever, has left millions murdered in its destructive path, yet capitalism is scorned in the leftist press and academia.  So pervasive has this slanting of the truth become that some 40% percent of Millennials think America should try some form of socialism. 

Voter-approved "Marriage Protection Acts"?  Those measures once represented the wishes of the electorate.  The left chose not to include even a vapor of that wish while making a ruling over us.  The men and women who pushed for and created that ruling cared nothing about trying to understand and address the legitimate concerns of so many people who wished to protect marriage from becoming a ward of the politically correct State.

So we don't want to hear Pitts and the left complain that Trump voters should try to "understand" them.  In the past sixty years, the left has never once stopped to consider the values, principles, or arguments of the right.  Leftists have gone so far as to spend two years drilling for dirt on a president who won well over 60 million votes in 2016.  If 60 million voters mean so little to Pitts and the left, believe me, we don't owe them anything.