'Palestinians' sacrificing babies to score PR points

Just when you think the so-called "Palestinians" (Arabs living in Gaza and Judea and Samaria) can't go any lower, they manage to outdo themselves in utter vileness, sacrificing babies for their cause.  For weeks, Gazans have attempted to storm the border with Israel.  They say they want to return to their "ancestral homes," even though most of them were born in Gaza.  What they really mean is that they want to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea.

One of the many lies about the Middle East is that if Israel withdrew from Gaza, Judea, and Samaria, the local Arab population would accept the existence of Israel.  Well, Israel withdrew from Gaza, and almost instantly Gaza became a launching pad for attacks on Israel.

Gazans bring their entire families out to attempt to breach the fence, knowing that their children may be shot or killed.  And now, in the latest development, a baby has reportedly died:

Layla Ghandour, an 8-month-old girl with sparkling green eyes, was in the arms of her grandmother when a cloud of tear gas engulfed them at the protest in Gaza on Monday.  The child inhaled a draft of acrid gas that set off a rasping cough and watering eyes.  Hours later she was dead.

Layla was dozing at their home in Gaza City when a call went up: A bus was waiting, outside a nearby mosque, to take residents to the border fence, where the protest was raging.  Her 12-year-old uncle, Ammar, bundled her up in his arms and carried her out the door.

In the late afternoon, Layla, in a tent with her aunts, started to wail.  Ammar grabbed his niece for a second time and, he said, pushed forward into the protest in search of her grandmother, Heyam Omar, who was standing in a crowd under a pall of black smoke, shouting at Israeli soldiers across the fence.

Soon after Ms. Omar took the child, she said, a tear-gas canister fell nearby.  She frantically wiped the child's face with water and gave her juice to drink.  But an hour later, after they reached the family home, Layla appeared to have stopped breathing.

I have no idea if this story is true.  Layla may not be dead.  Layla may have died of natural causes.  Layla may not even exist.

Note the dramatic picture, in the manner of a Pietà, used by the New York Times.

But even if every detail that the Palestinians have claimed is true, it is a terrible indictment of the Palestinian population.  What kind of parent brings a baby to a war zone? The family treated it like an exciting picnic:

Entire families had come along, some snacking on ice cream or sandwiches, as the protests raged hundreds of yards away.

There's something fundamentally wrong with a people who care so little for children to put them in danger.  They have no regard for human life.

And it's not just a "Palestinian" problem.  It's a Muslim problem.  It's a problem of Hamas, the religious Muslims who rule the Gaza strip, sending willing families out to be shot.  It's a problem with Muslims who kill other Muslims in Yemen.  It's a problem with Muslims who drop barrel bombs on Muslims in Syria.  It's a problem with Muslims in Iraq who execute people for being Shia (or Sunni).  It's a problem in Pakistan and Afghanistan when Muslims blow up a bomb in a mosque to kill the maximum number of people.  It's a problem in Nigeria when Muslims kidnap and rape other Muslims.

It is so widespread that we can no longer call it a problem of "radical" Islam.  It is the problem of Muslims.

It is also a problem of European diplomats who make excuses for them, and the Western media.  Mark Levin has repeatedly said the media have "blood on their hands" for serving as an uncritical P.R. arm of Hamas:

The media in our country ... the worldwide media and the Democratic Party in our country, just like all the left European parties[.] ... You know what?  They have blood on their hands!  You know why they have blood on their hands?  Because they encourage this activity.  Because Hamas watches them.  The more children that are killed, the more the media turn on the Israelis.  The more women killed, the more the media turn on the Israelis.  So they push the women to the front.  They push the children to the front."

Levin is right.  I don't know which is more barbaric: the savage Islamists who condemn their own family members to death or the members of the media who romanticize this and should know better.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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