MSM silence on Stefan Halper’s name ends

The conspiracy to use the vast powers of the US intelligence community spy on the Trump campaign and hobble his presidency with fabricated allegations of collusion with Russia is unraveling at an accelerating pace. The latest evidence of the slow motion collapse of the cabal is that the name of Stefan Halper, which has been known to readers of American Thinker for quite some time now (and which was first revealed by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller almost two months ago), suddenly is being published and broadcast by members of the mainstream media. Fox News, The UK Daily Mail, Newsweek, The New York Post, and Mother Jones all are defying the warnings of intelligence agencies, politicians like Senator Mark Warner (see Clarice Feldman’s demolition of his CYA attempt today), and left wing professors that revealing his name could be a crime. Consider this amazing tweet from a prominent law school professor, the occupant of an endowed chair at the University of Texas Law...(Read Full Post)