Minnesota Vikings sponsoring 'LGBTQ inclusion in sports' initiative

"Get woke, go broke" is a brilliant aphorism coming from the Instapundit website, chronicler of corporate devotion to progressive causes deeply unpopular with their customer bases. The NFL, already reeling from attendance and television viewership declines in the wake of tolerating players dishonoring the flag and National Anthem on the playing field, apparently is not yet done with earning PC credits for team owners and alienating their fans.

KSTP-TV, flagship of the Hubbard Broadcasting group, reports:

The Minnesota Vikings will become the first NFL team to host a summit on LGBTQ inclusion in sports.

The Vikings announced Wednesday the summit will be held at the team's headquarters in Eagan on June 21.  A reception will be held afterward to raise money for local and national LGBTQ organizations.

The team is working to create opportunities for people in the LGBTQ community. 

"We hope that this really jump-starts the conversation," Vikings chief operating officer Kevin Warren said.

This move may be a defensive feint, in response to pressure generated earlier:

The seeds for the summit were planted in 2014 when former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe accused a Vikings coach of making anti-gay comments.

Kluwe and the Vikings reached an agreement, and the team promised to educate the public about LGBTQ causes.

In an era in which masculinity itself is held to be "toxic," is there actually any room for a sport that features large men aggressively competing for control of territory?  It looks as though the Vikings are taking the lead in determining a negative answer to that question.  I can hardly wait for a "Queer" (the effeminate form of homosexuality, and the Q in LGBTQ) approach to coaching a defensive line.  And I really want to see what the Viking in the Vikings logo looks like when transgenderized.

Get woke, go broke, indeed.  Does the NFL have a death wish?

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