Meeting with Robert Mueller

Many, many of his supporters assert that under no circumstances should President Trump meet with Robert Mueller.  I have the contrarian view that President Trump needs to meet with Robert Mueller as soon as possible.  After all, it is good management practice for a boss to counsel a subordinate. I think the evening before President Trump wants to talk to Mr. Mueller, he should direct the Secret Service to arrive at Mueller's residence at 4 A.M. to get him to the White House in plenty of time to clear security screening, inform him that the president wants him at the White House right away, give him 15 minutes at most to dress, take his cell phone from him in order to keep the state secret of where the president is located, and bring Mueller to the White House or wherever President Trump is located that day.  The president at the same time should direct that no one from the Department of Justice including the FBI will be allowed on...(Read Full Post)