Meeting with Robert Mueller

Many, many of his supporters assert that under no circumstances should President Trump meet with Robert Mueller.  I have the contrarian view that President Trump needs to meet with Robert Mueller as soon as possible.  After all, it is good management practice for a boss to counsel a subordinate.

I think the evening before President Trump wants to talk to Mr. Mueller, he should direct the Secret Service to arrive at Mueller's residence at 4 A.M. to get him to the White House in plenty of time to clear security screening, inform him that the president wants him at the White House right away, give him 15 minutes at most to dress, take his cell phone from him in order to keep the state secret of where the president is located, and bring Mueller to the White House or wherever President Trump is located that day.  The president at the same time should direct that no one from the Department of Justice including the FBI will be allowed on White House grounds until further notice.

When Mueller arrives, he should be taken to the security screening post and processed through like anyone who does not work at the White House.  Then Mueller should be sequestered in a room by himself until the president is ready to see him.

When President Trump is ready to meet with Mueller, he should have a series of questions that have been vetted by his legal staff to avoid any claims of obstruction of justice.  If even this is thought too risky, Trump should bring someone else into the meeting to ask the questions.  Of course, the president should make a recording of this meeting.

A few question this non-attorney would suggest include:

  • Do you recognize that you are an inferior federal officer to the president of the United States?
  • Do you understand that the president was elected and all power in the executive branch conveys through his election?
  • Do you recognize the president's Article II powers to fire any non-civil service Executive Branch employee for any reason?
  • Do you feel that it is a conflict of interest for a prosecutor to take on a case where James Comey, a personal friend and protégé, is a key figure?
  • Do you think hiring a staff many of whom have political allegiances and have made donations to the opposition party furthers the Trump administration goal of having the public perceive that there is fair administration of justice at the federal level?

If Mueller is found to have been less than truthful in any of his answers, the president should direct that a criminal perjury referral be made to the Department of Justice.  Whether or not such a legal theory would hold up could be tested by Mueller's attorneys in court. 

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