It's Lupe in Texas

On Tuesday, we had elections in Texas.  I voted early in the GOP primary last week, and there was only one local contest.  Most of the action was on the Democrat side.

First, Lupe Valdez won and became the first Latina and lesbian nominated.

Second, Andrew White was endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and other newspapers, but he did not spend money in the stretch run.  One gets the feeling that White quit last week.

Third, the Democrats did not show up.

May 22 is finally over, and Valdez defeated White in the Democratic runoff for governor.

The big story was the pathetic turnout: Valdez won 226,613 votes, or 53%, to 199,857, or 47% for White.

In other words, fewer than 450,000 voted in this runoff.  What happened to the blue wave?

What happened to Democrat money-contributors?  Lupe Valdez is hoping they show up now that she is the nominee.

On the other hand, Governor Abbott got 1.39 million votes in an uncontested primary two months ago.  He is sitting pretty, as they say around here.

Just do the numbers.

Abbott versus Valdez is starting to look a lot like Abbott versus Davis in 2014.  Back then, the Democrats nominated a very liberal woman who fell flat in Texas.  She never connected with rural women and lost by 20 points.

Once again, the Democrats have nominated another liberal who is not even connecting with Democrats.

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