Israeli terror?

"We will tear down the fence, and tear out the hearts from their bodies!"  So, recently, yelled Hamas prime minister Yahya Sinwar.

A lot of ink has been spilled criticizing Israel's response to the latest Palestinian attempt to destroy Israel, but try finding this quote.  For those interested in short storylines, it really is all you need to read to understand the latest salvo in the Arab-Muslim world's 70-year campaign to destroy Israel.

Really, the rest is equal parts distraction, distortion, head fake, and noise.  When you drill down, for 70 years Israel has wanted peace, while too many of its neighbors want no Israel.

Though there are more than 20 Arab-Muslim majority nations with land mass more than 500 times Israel's size, apparently one sliver-sized Jewish state is one too many for too many. 

For those who care about facts, reason, logic, history, and context – trite things – consider this: the PLO was formed in 1964, three years before Israel's "occupation."  Back then, Egypt "occupied" the Gaza strip, Jordan "occupied" the west bank, and Syria "occupied" the Golan Heights.

So why no peace back then before "occupation"?  Just what was the PLO attempting to "liberate" in 1964?  Answer: Israel of all Jews.  And so it basically still goes today.

In today's world, cause and effect are inverted.  I read that the "Israeli blockade" is responsible for "an escalating humanitarian crisis" for Palestinians.

I suppose that is true in a basic sense, the same way your front door is "responsible for" keeping intruders out.

Of course, the blockade is in response to Palestinian terror.  No terror, then no blockade.

Here, in America, we have a near 1,000-mile wall between us and Mexico, which many want to fortify.  Our wall keeps migrants out who mainly want to join us, not kill us.

Imagine what we would build, or do, if, instead of wanting a job or better life, folks on the other side wanted to kill us?

Also ask yourself, though Muslim Arabs live freely as citizens in Israel, what would happen if a Jew tried to set foot in Gaza or much of the West Bank?  Answer: He would be killed.  Immediately.

So why is Israel supposed to welcome all Palestinians – many of whom are bent on eliminating Israel – yet Jews can't set foot in its surrounding "neighbors"?  Does that trouble anyone?

Likewise, can you imagine if Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu screamed out: "Kill the Palestinians"?  You would not have to search hard to read about it.

The reason – some liberal editorials aside – why there is ultimately not much backlash to Israel is that most everyone understands what is going on, and has been going on for 70 years, on a core level – namely, Israel wants to live in peace, while most Palestinians want no Israel.

If you doubt this, just read Hamas prime minister Sinwar's quote, though it is hard to find: "We will tear down the fence, and tear out the hearts from their bodies."

William Chosen is a lawyer in Chicago.

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