Did America dodge a bullet over Hillary Clinton's failing health?

Hillary Clinton was spotted in public in New York, wearing what appeared to be a back brace, sticking out from her clothing despite her being covered up by a heavy coat and scarf in 80-degree weather.

The Daily Mail has an excellent set of paparazzi photos here.

So much for her phyician's "excellent" bill of health, something that should raise questions about the value of such reports, or else her medic's credibility.  And it says a lot about Hillary Clinton herself that she continually lies about her increasingly obvious chronic health problems.

We've known for years that she's had health problems.  She had a fall and a concussion in 2012, with blurry double-vision, requiring her to wear glasses, which seemed to be a factor in her resignation as secretary of state.

Out on the campaign trail, there were suspiciously long bathroom breaks, which made her late for her television appearances at at least one presidential candidates' debate, quite a noticeable attention-getter.  Always, always, there were excuses – that the bathroom was too far away, that the whole bathroom needed to be cleared out for Hillary, so that Hillary could "go," that women always take longer than men to do their business in the bathroom.  If any of that were true, it would have been worked out before the debate.  It wasn't, and Hillary tried to laugh it off.

She broke her arm or elbow a few times, and more than once, she appeared in a sling.

There were also her cough attacks, constant long unbroken coughing streaks, often while on stage during debates and at public speeches, something she insisted was nothing or, sometimes, the result of allergies.

There was her heavy, heavy winter clothing, worn in boiling peak-of-summer weather.

There was her inability to go to Wisconsin to campaign, even as Bill Clinton pleaded to the campaign to bring her over, something the voters read as her disdain for the "deplorables" but which could as easily have been unadmitted fatigue and failing health.

There was her collapsing fall at the 9-11 memorial, the time when she was rushed off stage, lost her shoe, and had to be stuffed into her waiting van like a sack of potatoes.  It was preceded by several instances where the Secret Service had to help her up stairs.

There were her strange seizures that affected her speech during at least one press scrum interview, impossible to hide, given the numbers of witnesses even among the lapdog press, and something else she tried to laugh off and her press allies tried to debunk – in yet another red flag of her failing health.

Since the campaign, she's stumbled her way through Asia, has broken her elbow, and seems to be wearing a back brace.

Her bad health has been an issue since at least 2016.  When a Kremlin-linked operative in Washington asked me about her prospects in March 2016, I told him her health would preclude her being a serious candidate or winning.  He didn't believe me – the Kremlin was very convinced at the time and remained convinced until the end that Hillary's health was fine and Hillary would win.

I didn't think so, and now the evidence is piling up.

What's interesting about this is that the back brace and all these recent health crises are happening at the very time when Hillary would have been president.  Now, it's possible her health is being affected by her bitterness at being rejected for the highest office in the land and, worse still, losing to a man she despises.  But the pressures of the presidency, it's fair to say, would have been higher than what she is going through now.  And more to the point, her health could have easily been affected for the worse by the pressures of the presidency than by what she is going through now.

She could have been the next Paul Tsongas, a Democratic senator who ran for president in 1992 and concealed his significant cancer problems from the public.  Had he won, he would have died in office, which would have triggered some kind of crisis.

His case is why, in modern times, Americans have always asked to know about the health of their presidential candidates.

Since Hillary has always lied to the public about such matters, yet her health problems were obvious, her health was likely a factor in why she lost the 2016 election.  If it wasn't obvious to everyone back then, it's certainly obvious now.  One more instance of Hillary Clinton lying to us to conceal a potential crisis.  Obviously, America dodged a bullet from that alone by not electing her.

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