Climate lessons from King Canute

Climate Aristocrats and Bureaucrats from 190 nations are meeting in Bonn, dreaming up rules "to prevent the globe from warming more than 2°C."  They have forgotten the lesson of mighty King Canute – he demonstrated that not even his great power could control nature by rolling back the tide.

Changing climate is the natural state on Earth.

Just 12,000 years ago, the Earth warmed quickly by over 10°C, the great ice sheets melted, and sea levels rose dramatically.  Then it got cold again.

Temperatures then fluctuated over a range of about 5°C during the Egyptian warm period, the Roman warm period, the Dark Ages, the Mini-Ice Age, the Medieval warm period, and the grim times of the Little Ice Age.  We are fortunate to live in the fruitful Modern Warm Era, and global temperatures are probably near the top for this climate cycle.

None of the warm eras was caused by man's use of coal, gas, or petroleum or by bovine emissions.  And none of the cold eras was triggered by mandating more windmills; taxing open fires; or following emission targets set in Bonn, Brussels, Rio, or Rome.

This is their 48th futile talk-fest.

It's time the Climate Aristocrats admitted they cannot predict or control climate, they have harmed consumers (especially the world's poorest people), and they are achieving nothing useful for the environment.

They should mount their zero-emission bicycles and go home immediately.

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