A friend and mentor I never met

This past week saw the passing of an American whose influence and creativity changed the lives and biblical understanding of countless people around the world.  Dr. Chuck Missler, founder and chairman of the Koinonia House Ministries, passed away in his adopted home in New Zealand on May 1.  His life was an achievement of success in many fields, but his legacy of love for and commitment to teaching the Bible was what influenced me the most.

Chuck believed vigorously and regularly proved that the Bible is more than a set of stories or an assortment or themed letters and precepts.  He believed that the Bible is God's comprehensive message system to his beloved creation.  Chuck opened the door to a confident faith and assurance that I needed.  His message was centered on the unequivocal belief that God's word can stand the scrutiny of any honest skeptic and is more than adequate to speak to the problems of today's world.

Chuck was a man of service, science, technology, and belief.  His ministry and influence will outlive him.  He championed those insights our country and world need most, that confidence in God's word is well placed.  His teaching and clarity changed my life for the good, and although I never met him, I will miss him profoundly.

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