Blunt language from Australian senator about immigrants on welfare

Australian senator Fraser Anning represents Queensland in that nation's parliament, and as an independent, he faces no party bosses urging political correctness on him.  And Queensland is the most conservative of Australia's states.  If you think of Qld. as the Australian Texas, you will not be too far off.

Unlike the United States, Germany, and many other Western European countries, Australia already imposes a waiting time of four years on immigrants wanting to sign up for welfare benefits.  But that is not enough for Senator Anning, as reported by 9 News:

"Free welfare and public housing attracts the very type of migrants – transnational parasites who travel not in search of opportunity, but in search of a free ride at everyone else's expense," Senator Anning told parliament on Thursday.

"It's no coincidence 56 per cent of Australia's working-age Muslims are not in the labour force."

No doubt, Angela Merkel would call this hate speech.  But is it inaccurate?

Hat tip: John McMahon