Does the press really know what corruption is?

The media seem to be very confused about what constitutes corruption.  A large number of reports the past few days have either implied or stated that President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, getting money for saying he could give insight or access to Trump is corrupt.  If that was corruption, almost every former member of Congress, family member of people in Congress, lobbyist, lawyer, and consultant in and around government throughout the country would be considered corrupt, too, because they all sell access and insight.  It's called the swamp.

The media also pay people to buy their stories.  Is that corruption?  Are they paying Avenatti and the porn star?

If the press is concerned about AT&T and Novartis making payments for access and insight, why don't the journalists ask those companies for a list of all their payments to politicians, lobbyists, consultants, and lawyers for the last ten years and then investigate who else paid all those firms?  I am sure the media want to be consistent, because that is how they are treating Cohen.

There is actually a great need for lobbyists and consultants to get access to or insight into politicians and bureaucrats because they write the laws and regulations.  Every industry, union, not-for-profit organization needs people who have access to government officials.

The corruption comes only if politicians or bureaucrats grant special favors for that access, and I have seen absolutely zero indication that Trump has given special favors to Novartis, AT&T, or the Russians.  In fact, Trump is fighting AT&T hard on its proposed merger with TimeWarner, and he has certainly not granted special favors to Russia, which did not like Trump's pulling out of the non-agreement with Iran, let alone the sanctions.

Here are some actual instances of corruption where money and access bought favors.

Green energy: It was clear from the very beginning that Obama was open for business with his contributors with his green energy initiatives.  Solyndra was showered with great favors for campaign contributors and returned it with great disdain for taxpayers.

[T]he Obama administration restructured the loan this winter, so taxpayers probably won't even be the first creditors to get paid after Solyndra files for bankruptcy next week.  The first $75 million will go to two Solyndra investors who poured in extra cash when the company nearly went bust in January.  And one of them is a venture associated with the billionaire George Kaiser, an Obama campaign bundler.

Obama also got huge contributions from environmentalists, and no matter how many times a pipeline met regulatory standards, he blocked the approval.  He also had his regulators write rules to bankrupt coal companies.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, too, always were willing to sell their souls, favors, and their political power for donations and the desire to enrich themselves, their family, and their friends.

During and before the four years Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation run by her husband took tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and corporations.

Many of these donors had a lot riding on Clinton's decisions.  Saudi Arabia gave the foundation up to $25 million, and Clinton signed off on a controversial $29 billion sale of fighter jets to the country.  Oil companies gave the foundation around $3 million, and Clinton approved a lucrative gas pipeline in the Canadian tar sands they'd long sought.

Until recently (with very large loopholes established), it's been illegal for taxpayer money to be used for abortions.  Up to 86% of Planned Parenthood's revenues come from abortion while it says that only 3% of its services are for abortion.  Planned Parenthood has donated around $38 million the last election cycles to elect Democrats, showering them with $500 million per year.  It also pays lobbyists for access.  Democrats have even threatened to shut down government if Republicans block the funding.

It is naïve, ignorant, or just being an advocate when journalists and other Democrats pretend that Planned Parenthood doesn't illegally intermingle government funds to pay for abortions.

Planned Parenthood donates and gets back special favors.  That is corruption.

In the past three election cycles, Planned Parenthood's advocacy and political arms, employees, and their families have spent over $38 million to elect or defeat candidates for federal office who decide how much taxpayers subsidize the nation's largest abortion provider.


Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was "forced to concede that 86 percent of Planned Parenthood's revenue is from abortion."

George Soros is a convicted felon for insider trading who gives massive amounts of money to Democrats, funds a huge number of left-wing groups, and meddles in elections throughout the world.  He had extensive access to Obama, Hillary, and other Democrats.  A Soros-backed group got taxpayer funds from the State Department, which went to meddle in an election in Albania.

Somehow, the media have never had much interest in where all of Soros funds go and come from, but they sure are interested in anyone surrounding Trump.  The bias is astonishing, and the corruption is clear.

The Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayer funds to a group backed by billionaire George Soros to fund left-wing activities in Albania[.]

Judicial Watch said, though, that money was used specifically to give the Albanian socialist government greater control of the judiciary system. 

Equally or more dangerous to our freedom and democracy is when the Justice Department picks and chooses whom to prosecute and persecute based on political party.  Hillary goes free while Michael Cohen is persecuted and prosecuted, and make no mistake: that is what is going on.  The same can be argued with Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and others.

Journalists are also participating in the public persecution and prosecution of anyone surrounding Trump on a daily basis, and they should be ashamed.  Instead, they continually double down, no matter what the facts are.

After eight years of Obama and Hillary granting political favors and legislation and rowing government, we have a president who is trying to give the power, freedom, and purse back to the people as fast as he can, and the media, in conjunction with other Democrats, are fighting him every step of the way.

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