Another voice of sanity warning Democrats about Trump Derangement Syndrome

A handful of smart Democrats are warning their party that it is hurtling down a path of self-destruction.  Now one of the most effective Democrat office-holders of this era is joining a handful of Democrat pundits in warning that the obsessive hatred of Donald Trump by progressive Democrats threatens to not only derail the party's plan to retake the House of Representatives, but damage its longer-term health. Mark Penn, the pollster who guided Hillary Clinton's first presidential campaign, and his business partner Doug Schoen have read the tea leaves and have been warning Democrats to drop Trump-hatred and the Russiagate fantasy.  But as smart and respected as both men were when they were seen as loyalists, they lacked the standing of office-holders, real wielders of political power. No such qualms exist when it comes to Willie Brown, who dominated California politics as speaker of the California state Assembly, and then as a...(Read Full Post)