Andrew White pandering to the Hispanic left in Texas

We have a Democratic primary runoff in Texas on May 22.  Lupe Valdez, who got 42% the first time around, is facing Andrew White, the son of former governor Mark White and someone whom I did not know anything about prior to the primaries.

Miss Valdez is catching a lot of criticism because she can't speak clearly about enforcing immigration laws.  To be fair, the Hispanic left wants her to say she won't enforce S.B. 4, our anti-sanctuary cities law recently blessed by a federal court.

It would be totally foolish for a Democrat nominee to say she is not going to enforce a state law.  What other law won't she choose to enforce?  This is an automatic ticket to getting 35% of the vote in November.

Mr. White has his own problems with the Hispanic left.  He was forced to sell a business, as we see in this report:     

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew White, facing continuing controversy over his ownership in a Houston company with border-security ties, said Tuesday he plans to sell the firm if he wins his May 22 runoff election.

White, who was confronted at a Sunday political town hall event in Austin about his ownership of Geovox Security Inc., said he has been trying to sell the company for three months and plans to do so if he becomes the nominee.

White is facing former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who has been facing questions of her own about her enforcement of federal immigration laws.  Those questions were raised at the same forum.

"I want to be above reproach," White told the Houston Chronicle on Tuesday.  "Nothing else that I have interests in markets to the government ... I am marketing the business, have been for the last three months or so, I and I plan to sell it before the general election."

So he plans to sell?  Or has it for sale, I guess?  Where is this guy's backbone?

It's hard to see how Miss Valdez or Mr. White can win in November.  I don't take victories for granted and we trust that Governor Greg Abbott does not, either.

Valdez and White are sad examples of what has happened to the Democrats in Texas.

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