Andrew Cuomo's quips, quirks, and coiff

Andrew Cuomo, formerly secretary of housing and urban development (1997-2001) and now the beleaguered governor of the Empire State, is neither as articulate nor as attractive as his late father, Mario.  But like Mario, he is politically ambitious and no doubt sees himself catapulting from the State House in Albany to the White House in Washington.

Cuomo has recently hit upon what he regards as a compelling appeal to the electorate by proudly proclaiming that – despite his having been born, like President Donald Trump, in Queens, New York – he is, himself, "undocumented."

Confronted by the prospect of an unexpected, possibly contentious gubernatorial battle with a movie star who lived in Manhattan in Sex and the City, incumbent Governor Cuomo appears to be running scared – and running off at the mouth.  In a New York accent reminiscent of Ernest Borgnine in his seminal movie, Marty, Cuomo – whose only professional butchery has been on the body political – shouted to an audience of labor leaders, "Ya wanna pick on an undocumented?  I'm undocumented."

This statement is even more outlandish than Elizabeth Warren's claim – unsubstantiated by DNA – that she is an American Indian.  But let's consider this remark from the liberal viewpoint of pragmatism as opposed to principle.  The number of illegal immigrants who vote in the state of New York is likely greater than the number of American Indians who do.  So despite the ludicrous nature of Cuomo's pronouncement, he may be on to something,

On the other hand, if all it took was good hair, Governor Cuomo might have a "lock" on becoming America's chief executive, even with lion-maned Donald J. Trump as his opponent.  One of the most telling photos of Andrew emerged when he recently took part in an urban "die-in" in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, during which the aggrieved protesters stretched themselves out on the streets in an attempt to impede passers-by.  To prove his dedication, he, too, went prone in protest...well, all except his head, which he visibly strained to keep slightly elevated from the asphalt of The Big Apple, for fear of polluting his coiffure with urban debris.

This was in sharp contrast to the pictures of New York's Mayor Rudy Giuliani after 9-11, covered with the dust of destruction as he led terrified New Yorkers to safety.

Not that Andrew Cuomo – morally speaking – hasn't been in the gutter before.  In 2014, for example, he was under suspicion in the bribery trial of his former confidant and top aide, Joseph Percoco, and three executives with business before the state involving a proposed stadium to replace the Carrier Dome of Syracuse University's basketball team.  Although the governor was never accused of wrongdoing, a bad taste lingered from the revelations of his longstanding political feuds, rumors of his temper, and even charges that he was "a bully."  Republicans had long maintained that Mr. Cuomo "indulged and abetted the unsavory Albany culture. "

On the other hand, New Yorkers have not necessarily been bothered in the past by such things.  In part, that may be because Cuomo – like Hillary Clinton who successfully carpetbagged The Empire state for the U.S. Senate – carries with him one piece of personal baggage that he will never check: raw ambition.

Those two are not alone in their continual quest for political power.  Joe Biden will cling to his dwindling prospects until he meets his maker.  Michelle Obama, who has started referring to herself as our "forever first lady," will gladly, given an opportunity, move up a notch, though tough and equally brazen Kamala Harris may cut her off at the political pass.

Bernie is already promising his socialist base a government job starting at $15 an hour.  Long-in-the-tooth Dick Durbin is lying low, letting others do battle so he can pick up the pieces.  Youngish Democrat gladiators like Senator Mark Warner of Virginia are sharpening their knives.  And Hillary, smelling like some unsavory leftover shoved to the back of the refrigerator, may still force-feed her allies into supporting her yet again.

So why bring up a guy like Andrew Cuomo, when the likelihood of his getting the presidential nomination is so slim?  Because he and the other liberal wannabes will all be out there in a feeding frenzy for the next two years, all of them simultaneously and relentlessly whacking away at President Trump, their venal rhetoric magnified manyfold by the biased liberal media.

In the same way that a seemingly inconsequential "old news" story like Stormy Daniels has managed for months to grab the headlines, so, too, will the attacks on Trump from Cuomo and competitors drown out everything else.  Not surprisingly, the only argument they will bother to rely on to advance their candidacy is who hates Trump the most and who would most likely beat him in the 2020 election.

Image: Shinya Suzuki via Flickr.