Widespread sex addiction worsening depression among gay men

Vox, of all places, has exposed the deep psychological problems that gay men are having from all too frequent casual sexual activity.  The article, written by a homosexual psychiatrist, claims that the "overuse" of the casual gay sex app Grindr is making gay men depressed, and that up to 50% of gay men suffer from clinical depression.

And I thought gay meant "happy."

[B]oth Grindr and the research community have been silent on mental health.  Yet since 2007, more gay men have died from suicide than from HIV.  A staggering number of gay men suffer from depression, with some estimates as high as 50 percent

A recent survey of 200,000 iPhone users by Time Well Spent, a nonprofit focused on the digital attention crisis, showed that 77 percent of Grindr users felt regret after using the app.

The users I interviewed told me that when they closed their phones and reflected on the shallow conversations and sexually explicit pictures they sent, they felt more depressed, more anxious, and even more isolated.  Some experience overwhelming guilt following a sexual encounter in which no words are spoken.

The article attempts to portray homosexual men as being unhappy because of their use of Grindr.  But could it be instead that their use of Grindr is a symptom, rather than a cause?

No matter how much the liberals in control of the media and our educational system want us to believe it, the "gay" lifestyle is not a happy one.  The primary sexual act itself for men is unclean and a high risk for AIDS, venereal diseases, and even incontinence.  Homosexual men cannot have children on their own.  Homosexuals are, on average, much more promiscuous than heterosexuals.  As the article stated above, homosexuality is closely linked to depression and suicide.

There is a therapy for this, but one that liberals not only dislike, but also want to ban.  It's called reparative or "conversion" therapy, and it's a voluntary choice among homosexuals who are unhappy with their lifestyles and want to foster attraction to the opposite sex.  But while liberals are perfectly happy to put 12-year-olds on dangerous hormones to "change" their gender and to allow them to abort their babies, they try as much as possible to discourage heterosexual therapy for homosexuals, banning it outright for teenagers and trying to discredit its use for adults.

Exit question: If you believe Vox when it says Grindr is the problem, not homosexuality, what app or filter or plugin do you think homosexual men should put on their phones to cure their mental problems?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.

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