Why is the Washington Post gunning for Sinclair?

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, otherwise known as a lightweight writer, has denounced Sinclair Broadcast Group, an owner of television stations in middle-sized cities, calling it a threat to democracy for asking its stations to read a statement about fake news.  She wrote: Call me crazy, but when a local news station is required to have its anchor read propaganda created by its master — in this case, Sinclair Broadcast Group — it is not to be taken seriously. Indeed, it is to be feared. Sinclair recently became the news story when it ordered its 193 local television stations across the country to read an identical script on the air denouncing other traditional news organizations as producers of "fake news," an accusation popularized by the fakest newsy himself, President Trump. So she says it is dangerous for Sinclair to talk about the dangers of fake news to democracy? What about the dangers of the...(Read Full Post)