WaPo undercuts Israeli military

While the factual news reporting of the Washington Post raised doubts about Israel's claim that Hamas militants attacked Israelis with Molotov cocktails and live ammunition, at least the Post's editorial section confirmed that Israel's claims were true (Falling into Hamas' trap, 4/3/18).

The editorial, however, had the temerity to lambaste Israel's response to the Hamas-orchestrated riot even while acknowledging Israel's "right to defend its border."  The editors deny Israeli claims that if the rioters (not "demonstrators," as the Post coverage has falsely labeled them) had been able to breach the border fence, many more would have been killed or injured.  The Post quoted no source for its preposterous allegation.  Would the Post editors prefer to see the bloodshed resulting from a border breach, or do they think they have greater military expertise than the Israeli Defense Force?

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